Received a bunch of yeast and hops as a gift - help me pick some good uses

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Jan 2, 2017
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I received an awesome gift the other day, but now I need to figure out the best usage of it and plan a few brews. I am a fan of darker yeast and malt forward beers, less so of hop forward beers in most cases. I brew a lot of porters, stouts, brown ales and particularly london brown ales, dunkelweizen, and have been experimenting with roggenbier based on one of my dunkelweizen recipes.

The S-33 may work well in a dark mild maybe? That is also on my list to do very soon anyway. I was going to maybe use Danstar Windsor for that, but with the S-33 right here and paid for it seems it may be a good fit. The recommended styles on it are all over the place but most are higher og than it seems to me like it would be good for, but I probably just do not know what I am talking about.

I now have at my disposal:
8 x WB-06 (used this in a roggenbier a few weeks ago due to local yeast availability, it was interesting)
8 x US-05 - plenty of uses here, american porter or stout, robust porter, tropical stout, maybe a baltic porter
8 x S-33 - not sure of the best use here based on reading other peoples' experience. A belgian dark strong ale would be right up my alley and I've been considering doing one.
8 x T-58

8 oz fuggles - I know what to do with these
8 oz hersbrucker - similar to hallertau mittelfruh according to the package, so these would do just fine in my dunkleweizen and roggenbier which usually use halltertau mittelfruh
8 oz east kent goldings - good for any numberof things again. My london brown ale uses these.
8 oz czech saaz - I've got a baltic porter recipe which uses these, so in the very least they may get used there
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Funky Frank

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Sep 12, 2019
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I like your idea of the Belgian dark strong. Along the same lines, I think a hoppy saison would be good with the s33 and that combo of hops throughout the boil. Maybe throw in some peppercorns?