racking to brew pot?

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Jan 22, 2008
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Ok, I've got 2 glass carboys. 1 for brewing, 1 for racking to mix with sugar for bottling. I'd like to start brewing 2 batches at one time, but don't want to buy another carboy or bucket w/lid just to rack for bottling.

Is it possible to use an open container (like my 5 gallon brew pot) to rack to, if it's in there just as long as it takes to bottle? I can put the lid on it (cracked a bit of course) if necessary...

don't want to create a wild yeast mess though...
Yep you can.

However, I recommend getting a bottling bucket with a spigot and getting a bottle wand. This makes bottling so much quicker and easier.
I know you said you don't want to buy something, but one of the best things I have is a bottling bucket. You add priming sugar to the bucket, rack from the carboy to it, and then attach a bottling wand to the spigot. Open the spigot and fill all the bottles. It's super easy and there is no siphon to lose or slide around.

You could use your carboys for fermentation and clearing, and then rack into the bottling bucket. By using another vessel (like a brewpot), it's going to be harder and more difficult to bottle. Because you'd have to rack into that vessel, and then rack out of it to bottle.
My valve broke in my bottling bucket a while back. Now, I just use an extra carboy and an autosiphon. It works just fine. I figure that you could use anything that can hold 5 gallons for a bottling vessel.
I guess I'll try it...but probably should make sure the "5 gallon" batch fits into the "5 gallon pot" first :) It'd be a drag to leave a couple of quarts in the carboy...

I don't mind using siphons. I don't find it to be that much trouble.
I do the brewpot bottling method when my primaries are full. Just make sure it's sanitized, and put some plastic wrap over the top after you stick your autosiphon in. works fine!
Personally, although I haven't actually used a bucket as a fermenter in several months since I got three better bottles, I find they're REALLY handy to have around for purposes like carrying water, cleaning, sanitizing, etc.... So a bottling bucket could be an investment for multiple reasons, not JUST for bottling.