Rack zombie dust clone onto Citra DIPA yeast cake?

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Aug 8, 2012
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The BHMpire
I just brewed a clone of Kern River's Citra DIPA. My plan is to let it ferment out for 7-9 days and leave it in primary and start the massive dry-hopping regimen.

Awhile back I had a pale ale that was racked on top of the yeast cake of a super hoppy, fruity ipa and it was outstanding. So after the citra is done i was thinking about brewing a zombie dust clone and racking it onto the citra yeast cake. I was wondering with the huge amount of hops used in the citra recipe would it be too much for a zombie dust clone to handle? Would all of the hop material left in the carboy, plus the hops used in the zombie dust recipe result in a super vegetative beer, or would it be awesome?


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May 8, 2012
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From my experiences of repitching yeast I can't say that I've experienced any negatives when pitching yeast from one beer to another. I'll pitch hoppy IPA yeast to a more malt focused beer style and vice versa and I really can't taste any of the first beer's flavors coming through.

They say high alcohol and hops both inhibit yeast cell growth but I've repitched IPA yeast enough times with successful results to not be so deterred from it. I probably wouldn't repitch the entire cake however; half the yeast cake should be more than enough, that of course depending on the gravity of your zombie dust clone. I say go for it