Protein rest blunder

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Might be a good time to link this old presentation again, for anyone who wants to know what Brulosophy results mean, and what they don't mean.

Understanding Brülosophy Results
Yes, this is why I said "mash parameters were not shown to produce distinguishable beers" instead of "the beers are not distinguishable."

You have to be careful about what "can't tell the difference" means, too. Failing the triangle test might mean that your average test-taker doesn't perceive a large difference, but it could also mean that the difference is obvious to many of them, but that others are completely oblivious. I personally cannot smell a diacetyl spike (as in, pure diacetyl before you put it in a taster beer), let alone taste it in a beverage.

But for the Helles experiment that bothers @Miraculix so, only 12 of 33 tasters were able to correctly pick out the 164(73)-mashed beer from the 147(64)-mashed controls. It seems difficult to reconcile this with the belief that mash temperature has a dramatic effect on beer that almost anyone would have to notice.
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