Pressure cooker decoction mashing

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T Murph

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Mar 19, 2021
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I enjoy doing decoction mashes with various lagers and pilsners. I have been readying about decoction mashing in a pressure cooker. The process sounds like it saves times and promotes a better decoction without the necessary stirring while boiling with no risk of scorching. I am brewing another Czech Pilsner in a couple of days and I plan on doing my decoctions using the pressure cooker method.

I would like to hear from anyone who does decoctions using a pressure cooker. Does it really produce a more flavorful end
product and does it save a significant amount of time to warrant the extra steps?

Any advise will be appreciated.
I've never done a real decoction mash before, so take what I say with a grain of one-sided salt.

I wouldn't claim the pressure cooker makes a better or different end product, just the process is "better" from a simplicity/foolproof standpoint.

In my case, it fits seamlessly into my process. Literally lift the whole BIAB full of grains out of the mash, deposit into PC, and nuke until I run out of carboys/kegs to clean. Heat up the mash to target, return the grains and liquid, and go on with my regularly scheduled brew day. I'm not sure it'd be a time-saver if you decided to do a multi-step decoction.

I'd say give it a go. Just make sure your pressure cooker doesn't smell like chicken or corned beef like mine usually does.