Pitchin more yeast to a slow ferment

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Mar 20, 2006
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I've currently got a batch going with the white labs saision I, which is a notoriusly bad attenuating strain. I just checked the gravity after a week of fermentation and its 1.038 from an o.g. of 1.070. The temp right now is 76F from 68F a week ago when I pitched, and I'm still slowly raising it. I have another batch going under the same conditions with another strain (Bastogne) and it attenuated 87%, which was over the max attenuation posted on the white labs site- so I know that it's just the yeast that's lagging with the saison. I'm planning on adding some active yeast in a small starter at some point, but am not sure when, if it matters (champagne yeast most likely). I figure I should probably do it now since fermentation has slowed so much, but 1.038 seemed pretty high. This is the first time I've done this, so I'm also unsure of starter size. I was thinking something small just to get the yeast active again, like 1/2 a quart.

Any thoughts?
Is there any risk of not getting the full flavor profile I want by adding dry yeast early while the beer is only like 45% attenuated. My airlock is hardly active at all-maybe bubbling only once every 20s.

I got 5g of dry champagne yeast, will this be enough?

I'm also thinking of experimenting with some brett, or someother sort of brett + bacteria blend, in the secondary, and am curious about how the FG will affect that maybe not enough sugar left for the brett?). Probably look around or start another thread for this one.