Optimal sugar concentration

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Nov 13, 2019
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What is the optimal sugar concentration if my goal is to grow SCOBY colony as fast as possible?
Fermentation takes as long as it takes. The general rule is 1 cup per gal of tea. I do 2 gal batches and use 500 grams, a little more then most. Remember you are feeding the tea with the sugar and skimping is the wrong way to make a less sweet tea. Using a little more then 1 cup / gal and fermenting at a warmer temp , say 80* (no more then 86*) will speed things up for growing and repitching,but makes a very sour product for drinking. I've also experienced very low carbonation in bottles when doing a higher temp ferment. I like 72-75 and 21 days per batch.
For these batches, the goal is to grow new SCOBY "plate" layers as fast as possible and brew taste is irrelevant. I know that SCOBY needs 2,5-3,5 pH for being healthy. Temperature up to 27 C, with higher being better. I used 2g tea/15g sugar/250g water per 500g of raw brew as a feed for 10 day growing cycle (grows above several layers of older "plates"). I cant maintain sugar content daily since with each feeding new "layer" will sink and will be too thin for my use case. Thus I wonder what is the max sugar level can be used without killing SCOBY due to alcohol overproduction.
It's my understanding that the higher temps favor microbe production and they consume alcohol, so maybe max out on the temp and see if that shortens it for you. I find that a finished pH of 2.85 is where my taste bros like it to be.