How do I make the best starter?

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Apr 15, 2024
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I’ve been getting into kombucha brewing and I’m attempting to make 8 different gallon jars of kombucha going at the exact same time in order to perfect my recipes. I already have one going right now with a temperature regulator in order to make it brew as fast as possible. My goal for the first one is to make the perfect starter liquid that I can split up evenly among the other 7. Is it better if I use the starter after a week, or should I leave it longer to increase the microorganism count?
Sorry if I rambled 😂
I would use the pH as an indicator. Get it down to 2.85 or so, definitely under 3. The microbes have different pH"s for replicating, so as it ferments some go dormant and some start to thrive. The lower the pH the more variety which leads to different flavors.
The Big Book says to only use tea and sugar for the first ferment and add flavors in the package or second ferment. Also when experimenting with anything other then black or green tea, if you can repitch it 6 times without noticing any change in fermentation of flavor that combo should be good to go. I took Constant Comment( my sick tea) to 3 generations, all were good. Good luck and keep us posted.