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Jun 19, 2020
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I apologize ahead for the not so detailed recipe, but Ive got a nice recipe for a different kind of stout that I'm still dialing in, but love results so far. Let me know what you think! This is just a 1 gallon recipe at the moment.

2lbs 6oz Golden Promise
4oz Flaked Oats
2oz Peated Barley
2oz Crystal 80
2oz Roasted Barley
2oz Rye
1.5oz Chocolate
1.5oz Coffee
1oz Carapils
1oz Victory
mash at 155F for 1 hour

Boil 60 mins
4g Fuggle, 8g Mugwort @45mins
4g Mugwort, 2g Heather Tips @30mins
16g Mugwort, 6g Heather Tips, 3g Fuggle,
2g Juniper Berries @15mins

Yeast Windsor Ale OR US 04

Ferment for 2 weeks and then bottle/keg. Nice aromatic stout with a bit of smoke and a lot of herbal bitterness, much more mellow than a hoppy stout. Tastes like Irish dirt but I swear to you it has healing powers. Formerly known as Rumplestoutskin.