Old and Fresh yeast..How do I make a starter?

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Jan 6, 2012
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Hey guys,
I plan to brew a German Pils and I ordered 2 packs of Wyeast Bohemian Lager Yeast 2124 with my grains that I got in the mail and when it got to my house yesterday I saw that the yeast is a little old. Manufacture date is Nov 12th 2012. Putting that into mrmalty.com I found that both packs are only about 53% viable. With these 2 older packs of yeast I would have to make almost a 3L starter, but I only have a 2L flask with my stir plate. Knowing I need to pitch a ton of healthy yeast I went to my LHBS to see if they have an extra pack of yeast but all they carry is WLP, so I picked up 2 fresher vials of WLP 830 German Lager Yeast (made 12/5/12). 2124 and 830 are the same strain btw.

With all that said, I'm going to be making my starter today and my question is how do I put these numbers into mrmalty.com since I have yeast with different dates on them?

Should I count the 2 Wyeast packs as one pack since there is about 50% viability in each, therefore technically making one full pack of yeast? And on mrmalty.com put the starter size as using 3 packs of yeast with the fresher date? Any help is appreciated, thanks guys! Cheers

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