Noob Hefe yeast starter Q?

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hammer one

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Jan 18, 2008
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I will be doing my 1st Hefeweizen and it occured to me that using DME in the yeast starter might not be the right thing to do. Should I use wheat extract or corn sugar so as not to effect the tast or is DME ok?
DME in the starter is fine, it won't affect the taste. Don't use corn sugar, it'll affect the abiliity of the yeast to break down the malt.
And use a blow off tube, Hefe's tend to get a little excited when they get some yeast. Or is it yeast get excited when they get some Hefe?
Thanks for the tips! Just didn't want to make any stupid mistakes.
So I was a little forgetful today on my trip to the LHBS. I'm brewing a hefe tomorrow or Monday and wanted to get a started up and running. I purchased several other things but totally forgot the DME. All I have at home is some DARK DME from stout I did. Is it safe to use the DME with hefe yeast if I decant before pitching? LHBS closed at 1, and is not open on Sundays.