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Bearcat Brewmeister

Pour, Drink, Pee, Repeat
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Feb 20, 2006
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Gaitherburg, MD
Tonight's meeting we played Name That Beer. One point for guessing Ale or Lager correctly, 1 pt for correct style, 1 more point for correct sub-style, and 2 more points for guessing the exact beer correctly (5 beers, all are listed on the BJCP sheet as commercial examples their sub-style). Took second there, but the big haul was in our monthly raffle. I won 3 times - a sixer of High Life (booby prize), a bomber of Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, and a $25 gift certificate to Midwest Brewing Supplies. But the bittersweet - I was trying to carry everything out and dropped my Packers pint glass. No way to get a replacement before the game Sunday. Man down!!!
Yea it's a little cool outside here now, it's -13 we are supposed to have a high tomorrow of -5. We are 4 hours north of Green Bay. I just looked and it should be between 1 and -1 at game time :)
We have a very active club in our area but unfortunately with time constraints, work schedules and meetings from the Auto Club that we belong to we had to back out of the brew club. It's a real shame... i really enjoyed meeting those nice people!