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Feb 3, 2014
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Hello, I just wanted to add an update to our upcoming competition. We are still putting together sponsors for this event, but we have quite a few lined up already. I don’t want to list them all here, for the sake of space, and for possibly leaving someone out. I do want to encourage you to visit our competition site to view our sponsors, and to pass a note along to any of them that you use in the future that you appreciate their sponsorship. You may even find a company listed there that you didn’t previously know about.

Our sponsors have been very generous to us, and we have quite a line-up of items that we will be giving away. As an example the overall Best of Show winner will be winning one of these, with a retail price point of $500:


We also have the Maltese Brewing Company offering to brew with the winner of their prize a batch of beer on their professional system for sale in their tap room, and possibly on other taps depending on timing. They will sit in on the Best of Show round, and chose their winner from those beers, so this prize is not automatically linked to the Best of Show winner, but COULD be the same individual.

We also have a sponsor who has chosen to have their prizes awarded to the most interesting beer names for this competition. They have provided 5 prizes, and we will have our best of show judges choose the 5 winners after the competition has been decided, as they don’t see the names during normal judging, only numbers.

We will also be having a raffle during the judging on Sunday March 1st for anyone in attendance with lots of great items included.

At this time, there is just over three weeks left to register and get your beers delivered through one of our 3 drop off locations, or through UPS or FedEx. At this time, we are over 100 entries, but we are hoping to top 300 entries for this event, and to get there, we need your help… From past experience, we know that roughly half of the beers in a competition are entered in the last week, so we are not concerned, but we definitely want to make our mark of 300 to give all competitors a real run for their money, and to break even with our investors.

We are also in need of more judges and stewards for the main event on the 1st of March, as well as the other dates if you are close enough to make that work for you. Like beer entries, we are expecting many to come in at the last minute, but want to make sure that we have spread the word as completely as we can, as this is our first competition, and we don’t have the benefit of being on everyone’s radar as of yet…

As I said before, I don’t want to bug everyone to death, so this will be my final round of hitting up social media to get the word out. We would greatly appreciate any assistance you could be of getting the word out to your friends, and other club members who may not use Facebook…

Open to all BJCP styles in the 2008 Guidelines, including Meads and Ciders!