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Thanks to everyone who entered and the great sponsors who donated in order to put together this amazing giveaway. Please be sure to visit them all!

Winner names will be in italics once the have claimed. If the winners do not claim in 24 hours from the posting of this post we will redraw for those available prizes ASAP, the earliest being Wednesday 4/02/2014.

The winners are:

Electric Brewing Supply: CGish - Sponsor Contacted

Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery: shelly_belly - Sponsor Contacted

Kegconnection: hoppopotomus - Sponsor Contacted

Bubba's Barrels: milo842

Host Custom Tap Handles: MattyPBrew(Waiting on Address) , tempestman

Carboy Cleaner: brbaker, mtnbrewer31, RhodySeth

Stainless Brewing
Kettle: Skeptidelphian
Long Hopper: bdawson
Short Hopper: tcorsen

GottaBrew: zazbnf

Farmhouse Brewing Supply: paul_111

March Pumps: corney, DangerRoss

Deep Wood Brew Products: 86turbodsl

Midwest Supplies: lurker18, kaotica

MyBrewCo: Mooqu

Wine: BlackPTBrewing, old-pasture-brew, SeeMont, AndMan3030, Wyechas
Beer: TheBob, caphector, jbergen, mlafnitzegger

MoreBeer: bhambrew

JaDed Brewing
Hydra: fredboivin
Valves: mprossman, discmann131, amfukuda, BADCL0WN, RacingRam

BrewersHardware: Hunky

Nikobrew: camers4

Kit: Westfieldbrewer
Tags: WTWjr, kurtland, TopherJohn, pascott6, illcendiary, grv, chweel, pcampo, guinnessman, pdxkale

Mashpaddle: robin850, KillerKellers, wildman128

Cool Brewing: MDVDuber, Paskudny, chuckp, Brew_Dude41

Birdman Brewing Co: wapitiscat

Abbey Cat Brewing: jmccullough73, WhatToBrew, kydan47

From Grain to Glass: TwoDogBrew

Bottlemark: TwoJays, Wreck99, norocky, drums09, fenix424

Beer Clings: DrCrow, cncmoose, Spinout, dbrewski, jeff13, alexsaunders, HoodedCrow, Face Eater

Critter Cutters
Rainbow: CountryRootsBrew, brandonhagen1, wohowe, KJC333, mdmecartea, dwoods, marckw, brewfiend61, kad2371, slacker1
Stainless: kincade, jmg727, basementbrewbrad, crownsdown, SFGiantsFan925, rmullins, dave73ok, jethro33, scrambledegg81, Yaksha808

From all the Sponsors, and everyone at HomeBrewTalk, thanks for signing up for this huge giveaway! Member donations go a long way to keeping us online and allow us to bring you great contests like this one.

Tshirts for Late Claims From Fermented Tees: drums09, brbaker, BlackPtBrewing, old-pasture-brew
The redraw will resume tomorrow. I severely underestimated the time involved in coordinating claims with as many members as we have had claim, so to ensure I don't pass anyone one by I will be going through in full now, and we will resume this drawing tomorrow.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I know all those claiming will appreciate my thoroughness!
Bubba's Barrels (1 Prize remains): CollinsBrew

Carboy Cleaner (2 prizes remain): maf58d, jj86

Stainless Brewing (2 prizes remain)
Long Hopper: roger_tucker
Short Hopper: CaptainAl

Deep Wood Brew Products (1 prize remains): raugust99

Midwest Supplies (1 prize remains): TreeBeard

Wine (3 prizes remain): kman6234, Wingnutt73, bneal
Beer (2 prizes remain): CrowbarKarl, seamusjm,

JaDed Brewing
Valves (2 prizes remain): JF_HBrews, PGJacket

Tags ( 6 prizes remain): jawilson20[/I], Magefire, keggle, Bonji, Xpertskir, MikeyLikesIt70

Mashpaddle (2 prizes remain): burn1nat0r, DeutschMark

Cool Brewing (1 prize remains): wfowlks

Abbey Cat Brewing (1 prize): Chap

From Grain to Glass (1 prize remains): msforan16

Bottlemark (3 prizes remain): davekippen, BigH2o, flyersjohn

Beer Clings (4 prizes remain): davey_boy, CBU123, VaBrewer, Sandbag58d

Critter Cutters
Rainbow ( 1 remains): Stromberg
Stainless (4 prizes remain): lunk, jmh286, flipstick, beerbreath81
These are the redraw winners for 4/08. I'm going to shoot for the next drawing tomorrow at the same time provided winners have not claimed.

Bubba's Barrels (1 Prize remains): brewkinger - Sponsor Contacted

Carboy Cleaner (1 prize remains): A4C

Stainless Brewing (1 prize remains)
Long Hopper: thatjonguy

Deep Wood Brew Products (1 prize remains): JGlav

Beer (2 prizes remain):fubar32, eastoak

Tags: (4 prizes remain):wyo_brews, GTaylor, rpryor, giraffeman

Mashpaddle (1 prize remains):12pak2go

Cool Brewing (1 prize remains):dvonrick

Abbey Cat Brewing (1 prize): dlaflamm

From Grain to Glass (1 prize remains): brewscadious

Bottlemark (1 prize remains): krowe

Beer Clings (3 prizes remain): kate3316, headbanger,tinpanharry

Critter Cutters
Rainbow ( 1 remains): brewinspector
Stainless (2 prizes remain): hellosluggo, forestgeek

Everyone you have 24 hours to claim!
Deep Wood Brew Products (1 prize remains): Fencdar

Tags: (1 prize remains):gmh1975

Cool Brewing (1 prize remains): slowbrew

Bottlemark (1 prize remains): cellarman

Beer Clings (1 prize remains): maltman

Critter Cutters
Rainbow ( 1 prize remains):lorne17
Stainless (1 prize remains): Daves69

If you are one of the winners drawn you have 24 hours to claim your prize!

I will post when the drawing will resume if there is a need to continue.
Bottlemark (1 prize remains): BrewerBS

Critter Cutters
Rainbow ( 1 prize remains): CA_Mouse

Come on guys! 24 hours to claim!
All prizes have been claimed!

Thank you to all the Sponsors who donated and members who entered.

It means a lot to me personally to have such dedicated members and sponsors that allow me to bring you giveaways like this.

Winners: I will be contacting your Sponsors with your addresses Monday if I have not already done so.

If you have not, please enter the newest giveaway for your chance to win a Conical Fermenter from Wort Monster!


And stay tuned. We have giveaways lined up all year!
Attention Winners: All Sponsors have been contacted. If you do not hear from your Sponsor by this time next week please send me a private message and I will follow up.
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