New to the forum, brewed a long time ago and getting back into it after retiring

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Feb 16, 2024
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Thanks for the forum and helpful posts. One of these days I hope to have something productive to share....

I've extract brewed in the past, but put that system away for a long time while my kids were growing up and I traveled for work. I'm finally back to brewing and have bought some great new-used equipment via FB Marketplace and Craigslist.

I brewed an extract batch of Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout (kit from RiteBrew) a couple of weeks ago to have something to drink for my first all-grain batch of Kama Citra IPA (NB recipe, local ingredients) this past weekend. My first all-grain brew was challenging to say the least. I couldn't get my pump to prime 2 out of 3 times I wanted to use it. I gave up and started just lifting pots to gravity feed. Lucky I only brew (and plan to) 5 gallon batches. I forgot how much cleaning was involved too. Oy.

Amongst the equipment, I bought a 55# bag of Maris Otter, so I'm committed for several batches!

I've currently got a 3 vessel system with 10G & 15G kettles, a 10G Igloo Mash Tun, 1 pump & 2x Speidel 7G fermenters. I stepped up to camlock fittings, which I love for the convenience in changing configurations as the brew progresses.

I'm already receiving parts to electrify my system for a 2-kettle K-RIMS system, though I still have several choices to make. I'm planning to use a BrewHardware 5,500W TC element, a Blichmann Autosparge and build my own controller with an Inkbird 106VH PID controller.

Ken in Northern Colorado