Danny from South Central Georgia

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Danny Wallace

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Dec 28, 2023
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I'm brand new to beer making but been around beer my whole life. Info is coming at me like a fire hose (who knew there was so much science, economics, and the fun) and I'm absorbing as much as possible.

Made several batches from the kits, adding my own ingredients to spice them up. Moved into grains, setting up a propane fish cooker with a small pulley system for BIAB. It's a pain to keep a steady 158 degrees on an open flame! Messed up a lot batches but my friends are supportive. They love the free beer. Now I have an electric brew kettle so I figured it was time to up my game.

Stumbled across this forum while trying to see if there were any local homebrew clubs. No local communities anywhere close (I'm in a very rural region) but this forum is my new utopia.

Imma go ahead and become a sporting member.