Needed! your thoughts on my dipa recipe...

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Jan 9, 2012
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So my brother asked me to brew a double ipa that is pretty piney, but I also want a little more complexity. Any thoughts on the below recipe? I've never used chinook, but I want to give it a try. Thanks in advance!!

It will be a 5.5gallon batch using a partial boil.

11# light lme
1.5# sucrose
1# crystal 75

2oz chinook @ 60
1oz simcoe @ 15
.3 oz simcoe @ 10
.3 oz chinook @ 10
.3 oz centennial @10
.3 oz simcoe @10
.3 oz chinook @10
.3 oz centennial @10
.4 oz simcoe @ flameout
.4 oz chinook @ flameout
.4 oz centennial @flameout
2 oz simcoe - dryhop 7 days
1 oz centennial - dryhop 7 days

OG - 1.091
IBU ~ 100 (My calculations bring me to ~60ibu using above hops, but i'll be using hop extract to bump it up to ~100)
Safale US-05 yeast x2


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Jan 16, 2011
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I'd go with Simcoe for the large majority. Chinook is great for bittering, but when used late, you get more of an herbal/spicy grapefruit flavor than pine. The last 5 minutes, whirlpool, and especially the dryhop will be the key to attaining that signature Simcoe pine flavor. I would personally use 100% of simcoe in the dryhop. Shift all of your Centennial to 15 and 10 minutes.

The large amount of crystal 75 isn't gonna be a good thing here for the hop character. I would reduce to at least 1/2 lb. I also don't know how you're going to achieve a dry, hop forward extract DIPA at 1.091... even with 1.5 lbs. sugar. I believe that at best, you'll end up around 1.018 FG.

All that said, the partial boil is the sh1tiest thing about this recipe IMO. If you left everything else the same, that is the one thing I would definitely change.