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Neighbors suck! This thread got me searching. I found a JBL Charge 5 for $97 to the door! To my neighbor blaring disco music from their pool across the way, meet the Allman Brothers! I have listened to their Journey too.🥴 Can’t wait to unload some classic rock on them during my mash! Love all the artists that I didn’t know. This has expanded the playlist.
So it's time for another Seatazzz stupid question of the day (yes I know I haven't done this in a while, I don't care). Everyone has their routine for brewday, if you've been doing it for a while; or even if you're just starting out in this wonderful hobby. Music has been a huge part of my life from birth; both my parents had/have beautiful singing voices, and imbued that in both my sister and me. My sister went for voice, while I went the instrumental route. But I can still remember all the songs we sang around the organ/piano growing up. My dad could not read a note of music but played many songs by ear, and even now with Alzheimers can pick up his guitar and play The Auctioneer (and yodel).

TL;DR. What this post is about, is asking what music do you listen to while brewing? What puts you in the mood?

For me, it can vary. Right now I'm into Big Band styles; Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey. Satchmo, Ella, Sinatra. It relaxes me, the harmonies and rhythms inspire me. I can also go for old Irish sea shanties, something I can fiddle along with during long mash times. Occasionally guitar instrumentals a'la Trace Bundy. Then sometimes I go full 80's hair band rock.

KEXP - Incredible Seattle radio station and community. Hands down the best station in the US.
Brewed today at the city house and had the radio on KMMY all day. Great classic rock station and a throwback to the radio stations I remember from high school (55 years ago; think Wolfman Jack in American Graffitti). Real, live DJs playing songs and producing goofy commercials for local businesses. Great stuff.
I listen to music (on my headphones) for the entirety of my brewday. Always metal of some sort, usually fairly extreme. But for when I'm in a "silly" drinking mood, I created a playlist with almost 4 hours of various metal songs that reference beer or drinking in some fashion lol (heavy on folk metal, but generally a mix of metal sub genres).
Back when I did extract brewing, I would generally start a brew day with "special brew" by Bad Manners. I havent had an all grain brew day yet (next weekend , hopefully) but I see no reason not to do the same thing....and then I suppose Ill shuffle spotify....