Aften one year of brewing i finally joined

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Feb 23, 2024
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Hello everyone

I accidentaly started brewing 1+ year ago. This forum has been great help along the way. Even tho i havent commented or asked myself you have given me valuable information. So I signed up to say thank you to you all.

About me and my brews:
I have made around 30+ batches. Mostly decent ones. Some of great and Few not so great but no dumpers yet.
Best brews according to me and my craftbeer loving friends were : Coconut Baltic Porter, Mango IPA, Rasperry Gose, Cranberry wheat, Oatmeal milk stout, Coffe Porter.
I use BIAB and cool with IC. Ferment in plastic bucket and bottle condition my beer. I kinda like this system and bottles because Im not heavy drinker. I give out atleast half of my work. I like to keep few for long time and see how they develop.

Never really had luck with Neipas. Never gotten them hazy and my IPAs have mostly all tasted similar but now i know its probably some degree of oxidation and also water chemistry. I read one hell of a long post how to minimize it while bottling and will use all the info i can from there.
So i currently have one fermenting with verdant yeast. First time i played with water and used ascorbic in mash. Today first High krausen hops where added and i fixed next charge of hops to the lid with magnets so i dont have to open again after fermentation slows down.

Here is the recepie if interested