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Dec 14, 2010
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Living free in the 603
I posted this up on a local/region forum as well... Figured might as well ask here too. :D

I'm looking for spent brass (cases) that won't be reloaded (or cannot) for any range of reasons. Looking for pretty much any/all calibers in both pistol and rifle. If you want to send it to me, I won't turn it away. I just hope it's something I can use.

These are for use in a craft project that I'm working on with a family member (who is now retired, so has more time than spare funds). I would prefer brass that's in decent shape, in that not crushed/exploded. Split casings, or those you've reloaded enough times and don't want to risk anymore, are fine. I can turn them on my lathe (on it's way at last) to get past moderate splits. Or I can try my hand at soldering closed longer splits. Or I'll just leave them as is if they work that way.

If you have some, that qualifies, PM me. If you don't have any right now, but do in the future, PM me. :D I'm hoping to get some unique cases, since I already have a good amount of .45 ACP cases on hand. I'll be going through that bag to see what I have that can be used. :D


Mar 1, 2011
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Pleasant Hill
Can you use steel Cased? I have some 223 and 9mm steel.
I think I have 9mm steel. I know I have the 223.

Reloading my brass, so not getting rid of it.