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Jan 24, 2010
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I live in Nassau county and haven't been able to find a LHBS. I have been out to Karps hardware store a few times and considered driving into Brooklyn. Does anyone have any Suggestions for a "local" shop. Also has anyone every been to "Brothers At Kedco in Farmingdale?"
Speaking as a Brooklyinite:

do yourself a favor and just order from Austin Homebrew Supply or More Beer. I have not found a LHBS that has anywhere near the selection or quality. It takes some extra planning ahead, but it is easy enough to only use online suppliers.
Austins is great! I just would love to have somewhere to go with off flavor issues. Thanks for the advise.
+1 on Brooklyn Homebrew and Austin Homebrew Supply I use them both.
I go to Brooklyn Homebrew. They're great people, always ready to answer questions and pleasant about it. In fact I just got back from there.
Brooklyn Homebrew is great, I've become pretty good friends with them. They actually asked me a question last week! If there is anything I can't get from them, I find it online, but they have a great selection of malts, hops and yeast.
Hey, its a little far, but Arbor Wine in Islip is great. Jim is a great guy and he has a huge stock of hops, WLP Yeast, keg parts, pretty much everything. Tell him Chris sent you in.

Yah give arbor a shot. Althought I order most of my stuff from Austin homebrew.
there's the hydroponic store with a side store called Homebrew, too! off the L.I.E off kissena blvd. It's on Horace Harding.
I got to Brooklyn Kitchen Labs under the B.Q.E. They have pretty much everything I need and they will order anything you want if they don't have it.
there's the hydroponic store with a side store called Homebrew, too! off the L.I.E off kissena blvd. It's on Horace Harding.

This place is convenient but everything is about 3 times the price you will find it for online. They are really out of wack with their pricing. I live about 10 minutes away and wont go there aside from emergencies at this point. Personally I would prefer to give my money to a local, but their markup is just insane.
Brooklyn Homebrew is a godsend, after years of being reliant solely upon deliveries there's finally a viable local option in NYC. Now that they've got a storefront the selection is improving and I'm loving the fact that it's walkable from my apartment.

When I had a chance I used to stop at Kedco in Farmingdale a few times. They're mostly wine supply, but can often get you by in a pinch.
Damn I have been going to homebrew too! I'm going to check ou these Brooklyn places to compare prices and selection
Yeah let's do a meet !!! I am the only homebrewer I have ever met... Learned from papazian book then this site. Never actually seen another person brew
kedco is actually really good. that's where i got the stuff for my first few batches. the guys are super friendly and have a good amount of knowledge.

brooklyn homebrew people are super nice as well and willing to go the extra mile.

i live four blocks from the brooklyn kitchen and a friend from college owns it so i would recommend that over all else, but that's only because they're close and he's a great guy
I was to Brooklyn Homebrew today for the first time. Was way happy with the selection, pricing and the people in the shop ( very friendly). I'll be a regular customer. For local stuff I've been going to Hydroponics and Homebrew Too in Flushing but as an earlier poster said their prices are way too high.
I have stopped at kedco for grain. I think my one issue was that they only have dry yeast.