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For the love of beer!
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Sep 27, 2005
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Cheshire, England
The Town I live in was historicly on the border of two counties split by the river Mersey. North of the river was in Lancashire and the south in Cheshire.

Cheshire is generally seen as South and Posh, Lancashire is Up north and common.

This is Lancashire. Ramsbottom actually.




Sweet cant wait to vacation there some day.
But what an attractive delieious sounding name............Jellied Meat Pie

Edit: How did I miss the Harry Muffins and the Famous Oven Bottoms earlier?
It does look sweet, now you have me surfing England vacation stuff dammit :)
I didnt see any Cornish Pasties???? Bubble and Squeek???? Bangers and Mash???? Sheppards Pie????

My mother is from Coverntry I have visited the family a few times there......

Thanks again, Orphy, for your time in giving us a taste of your world. I appreciate it. :mug:

I think I'm more of the Lancashire sort, but the company I work for has a lateral equal plant in Cheshire...I'd send you U.S. things through them, if I only could...

I shrink away at wanting to travel internationally, due to recent politics :( , the world having gone crazy-but I would still consider traveling to where you live.

Exchange rate will probably never allow it. :mad:
I live in the countries second largest town but all of these places are around me. The best place about my town literally is the roads out.

I'm two hours from the Lake District. 30 minutes from the beach. I can be in several National parks within the hour.

Cheshire is also picturesque but not quite so rugged or industrialised.

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