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Oct 19, 2008
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After a 10 year hiatus I'm back to brewing. I'm working on an Avatar clone. I typically use WLP090, but the LHBS was out, so I tried using some of this new-fangled Imperial yeast. Flagship, to be specific. The bag leaked a bit when coming out of the fridge, but since I brew small batches I figured even if I lost a bit, pitch rate should be fine.

Fermentation seemed to go as expected, though I ran it a little warmer than I had planned (70-74). It's now sitting 6 days into brewing at about 68-70 with the krausen basically dropped but an odd three layer yeast pattern has emerged and has been stable for the last three days or so. Not shown below is that there is a yeast cake on the bottom. Is there something I need to do to further clear this up? Cold crash it? Just chill out and be patient?


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Mar 10, 2021
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Both my first two batches did that. I think it's trub, possibly flocculated yeast that gets pushed up there during the energetic period of the krausen.

I had a much thicker than that with my first batch. I didn't do anything about it, the beer tasted fine. With my second batch I tilted and swirled the jug gently to remove it several times a day while the krausen was really active and the yeast doing their thing.

It's got another week to go so I won't have any opinion as to whether I was wrong for doing that or not till much later.