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  1. T

    Looking for a temperature probe collar pass through solution

    I'm planning a keezer collar and I wanted to know if anyone has come across any more elegant solutions to running the temperature probe through the collar than just drilling a hole or just running under the gasket. I will be attempting to ferment and serve in the same keezer so I plan on...
  2. PlexVector

    Chest Chamber Collar Project

    My back can't take it anymore, so I built this collar for my chest fermentation chamber.
  3. devils4ever

    Tower vs collar: pros and cons

    I have 4 kegs in a keezer in my garage that use picnic taps to dispense beer. I've used picnic taps for various reasons, but mainly because I don't drink every night and I want to make sure the beer, lines, and taps all stay cold. Unfortunately, I've had two instances where a guest has poured...
  4. 5stringBS

    Idylis 7.1-cu ft Chest Freezer conversion

    Idylis 7.1-cu ft chest freezer from Home Depot (limited selection of brands in Alaska). The most time-intensive part was conditioning the wood. Custom-cut 1/2" foam insulation to fit within the 2x8" pine frame. Foam insulation before holes/adhesive... These pieces wedged in there nicely...