I need Brewfather water help

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Apr 24, 2023
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Okay so I contacted my city and got a water report but I can’t get the numbers to ad up in Brewfather what am I missing?

Here is what my city said

We sampled in the Tumwater distribution system area in 2021

pH = 7.4

Calcium = 13.8 mg/L

Alkalinity = 55.4 mg CaCO3/L

The rest of the results are from samples taken at our sources and treatment plants and therefore only available in ranges.

Sulfate = 3.2-9 mg/L

Chloride = 2.6-5.3 mg/L

Sodium = 5-7.18 mg/L

Hardness = 41.7-69.7 mg/L

When I input in Brewfather my hardness and alkalinity numbers don’t match what they should be and those can’t just be input. They didn’t send me the bicarbonate level but if even if I mess around with that number I can get alkalinity to make sense but not hardness.
The missing number is magnesium. You have soft water with < 75 ppm hardness.

Eliminating the alkalinity will be of greater concern than the hardness.

Try using Bru n Water or Mash Made Easy.

Your values are ranges which means that your water is blended from multiple sources. With this being the case it is not possible to determine what your actual water mineralization and alkalinity will be at any given time, and therefore it is impossible to use it with anyone's software.