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Madtown Brew

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Jun 30, 2007
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Madison, WI
Recipe Type
All Grain
Wyeast 2565 Kolsch
Yeast Starter
repitch from previous batch
Batch Size (Gallons)
Original Gravity
Final Gravity
Boiling Time (Minutes)
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
approx. 18 days @ 52 - 65* F
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
Hooray! My first contribution to the recipe database.

I made this for Christmas with some extra grains I had laying around. I also hate to only use yeast once then toss it - seems like such a waste. This one was made with the (washed) yeast from a traditional kolsch recipe.
Turned out fantastic with a lucious floral hop flavor/aroma, moderately bitter, and a beautiful light amber color.

This is a good recipe for those who want to experiment with some of the lesser used hop varieties. Sterling can be substituted with many other varieties including but not limited to: Mt Hood, Liberty, Vangaurd, Strisselspalt, or almost any of the New Zealand aroma varieties. I'd stay away from the heavy citrus American hops, unless that's what you like/want. The flavor will vary depending on which variety you choose, but the brew will be great no matter what.

Feel free to change the name to suit the season.

** Note: final batch volume is 4.5 gallons. This allowed me to ferment it in a 5 gallon carboy (with blowoff tube, of course).

Grain Bill:

3 # Pale 2-row (Briess)
5 # Maris Otter (Muntons)
8 oz. Crystal 20 (Briess)
8 oz. Crystal 40 (Briess)
8 oz. Belgian CaraVienne (Weyermann)

Mash Schedule:

Calculated for 75% effeciency.
Standard 1.25 qts/lb. of water.
Single infusion mash @ 152* F for 60 min.

Collect approximately 5.5 gallons of sweet wort.


1 oz. Horizon (11.6% AA) 30 min
1 oz. Sterling (5.9% AA) 15 min

1/2 oz. Horizon (11.6% AA) flameout
1/2 oz. Sterling (5.9% AA) flameout

1/2 oz. Horizon (11.6% AA) dryhop
1/2 oz. Sterling (5.9% AA) dryhop

All hops are whole leaf.

Additional ingredients:

1 teaspoon irish moss @ 15 min


Cool wort to 52* F then pitch. Once activity is noticed, allow fermenting wort temperature to rise approximately 1* F per day until it reaches 65* F. Maintain temp @ 65* F until complete.

I do not use a secondary, and dispite many reports that 2565 doesn't clear well, I've never had any issues with getting the yeast to drop. If your really worried about having a crystal brew, then a week of crash cooling prior to kegging/bottling would likely help.
Given that this recipe matches more the guidelines of a APA, shouldn't it be listed there?
You may be right. I'm pretty bad at properly categorizing my brews.

I just figured that with the lower ferm temps, it belonged in one of the hybrid sections.

If the mods feel it's misplaced, by all means move it.