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Dec 25, 2007
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This is my first post. Wanted to share some photos and labels from our brewing enterprise. The easiest way to see them is to go to my flicker set of our brewery:


Hope you like them!

By the way I think i have found one of the best ways to label your beer. We like most folks when we started brewing, we pasted our labels on with paper, but soon got annoyed because to reuse the bottle you have to scrub the old labels again.. so instead what we did was had a custom rubber stamp made with our logo, and bought staz-on permanent ink that stays on glass, it works perfect and looks cool as well. You can see a pic on the above mentioned flickr site.

Thanks for the read, Bobby @ The Spellfish Brewery
Nice labels. VERY cool!

Your post reminded me something I saw on TV, where they were etching beer glasses. I'm wondering, has anyone tried this? Would it be safe, or would it adversely affect the strength of the bottles?
Logoing your fermenters. Great idea! Those look too big for a stamp though. How'd ya do it?
Thanks for the great response so far! I labeled the carboys by taking my logo design to a sign making shop and had them cut it out of adhesive vinyl using a plotter. I had them make all sizes of decals and now have them on beer glasses, my truck etc... people ask me about them CONSTANTLY! Its a great conversation starter and people always want to know more about my brewery. I even made my own tshirts and that really gets people talking, people always want to know where the spellfish brewery is, and I proudly tell them that it is MY brewery. Hope everyone has a great day! BOB
That's pretty sweet dude! The simple designs always look the best IMHO.

Please forgive me, I'm a noob (haven't even done my first brew yet)... where did Spellfish come from?