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Jan 4, 2023
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San Matero

I have been fermenting Meads for about 2 years and started brewing beers about half a year ago (IPAs, Hefeweizen, Porter).

Due to a small space, I have been splitting 5 Gallon DME kits to make 2 Gallon batches in 2 instant pots and then combining them together into a 2.5 Gallon fermenter (10L BrewKeg which I really like for the conical/pressure-rating/extraction features). Yes, that involves much math to make all those splits, but it worked well so far. After moving to a slightly larger home, I just purchased a Brewzilla (v4) and an SS brewtech unitank to be able to run through a full 5 Gallon bath, and would like to expand into all grain brewing as my next step. would love to hear suggestions for grain/hop suppliers (I have a local MoreBeer near me, but looking for alternatives).

As part of my new planned expansion, I became introduced with BrewFather, and this forum here, and thought it would be great to join and share my experiences with others that might be looking at small batch brewing, and learn a thing or 2 myself along the way.

Looking forward to sharing experiences,