Greetings from Kyrgyzstan!

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Sep 26, 2007
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Whats up guys. I'm deployed over here for a few months. It's not so bad, its starting to get warm. Its supposed to get up] to 26 today! :drunk:

We alos are allowed 2 beers in 24 hours. I've had one of the many russian beers available it was was the darker one of the two most common. 7.0%, and has a distinct taste of coffee. I like it! The other common one, people say it tastes like heiniken. So I'm staying away from that haha.

Other then that I'm doing good. Can't wait to get back and get a kegerater setup! :rockin:
Had to google it to find out where in the world Kyrgyzstan is. I guess you really did sign up to see the world (or the edge of it).

Stay safe, stay warm, and get home soon!
Hey Mustanfreak. I have read several of your posts in the past, and never realized you were active in the service. Good luck!
MikeFlynn74 said:
And yet I cant drink here. Gay

That sucks man. I know they could always not allow us beer, so I'm gratefull I can.

How much longer you got over there? I just got here so I have a while.
Im here for about another 100 days- But being that Im in the AF. 100 days in a forward deployed location is like serving 3 years with the commanding *****bags we got.

yea- problem is I am in a room with 8 other guys.

I apparently have an attitude problem because I havent drank the AF koolaid-

But I think its cause Im up for E-7 in less than 9 yrs. About 8 years faster than the avg.
lol- good point.

I do like the crew im with- All CSAR guys so they arent the normal AF idiots. They have a combat mission.

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