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Feb 14, 2012
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North Canton
I've read what I can on the best methods for bottle conditioning bigger beers.
Here's my situation:

Got a barleywine that will finish around 12.5% abv fermented with a portion of Nottingham yeast cake.
I plan to bottle between 4-6 weeks of primary fermentation time (currently 2 weeks in).
Also have a 4.2% stout fermented with Lallemand London ESB yeast that is 1 week into fermentation.

I'd like to add some yeast at bottling time for the barleywine, would a scoop of the London ESB be worth adding or should I seek out the Lallemand Cask & Bottling yeast or a portion of a packet of Nottingham?

Trying to keep this simple and use what's on hand.
Let me know your thoughts please!