dual gas kegerators

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Apr 26, 2017
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Sayville, NY
Finally got the go ahead for the beer shed. I want to install a triple tap kegerator and wanted to know if it is possible to run two standard taps with CO2 and then a third with nitrogen. I understand that there will need to be two separate tanks but are there any other pitfalls that I need to prepare for?
You can do exactly what you want, a cga320 valved CO2 cylinder with a dual primary regulator, and a cga580 valved cylinder with beer gas or straight nitrogen and a nitro regulator.

Can't think of any pitfalls, I have three CO2 systems and a beer gas system...

Will it be a commercial kegerator or homemade? I have a homemade kegerator with 3 standard CO2 faucets and one beer gas stout faucet. I keep my tanks outside and have my faucets in the front door. If it’s a homemade kegerator with a freezer on top and you’re putting the faucets in the door, be sure they’re mounted low enough that the handles aren’t activated if you open the freezer door.

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I don't do beer gas, but doesn't that need a different style tap? ( the term beer engine creeps into my mind for reasons I cant fully explain)