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  1. mccamich

    When to carbonate?

    I'm planning on kegging a dry stout on Thursday, a blonde ale on Friday, and a lager next Wednesday. These are all brews I'm planning on bringing to a big backyard party 2 Saturdays from now. Should I... a) Keg the brews as planned, carbonate immediately, and store the carbonated brews until...
  2. D

    Pure Nitrogen for Homebrew

    Hello, I frequently brew at home and up til now have simply used CO2 as my gas of choice. I have decided to try my hand at a Guinness Clone, but on top of that, I want to tackle doing Nitro Cold Brew coffee. My understanding is that for the coffee, I'll need pure Nitrogen (not mixed with CO2)...
  3. jacobitti

    dual gas kegerators

    Finally got the go ahead for the beer shed. I want to install a triple tap kegerator and wanted to know if it is possible to run two standard taps with CO2 and then a third with nitrogen. I understand that there will need to be two separate tanks but are there any other pitfalls that I need to...