Cranberry cider has 2 layers

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Nov 8, 2008
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well i put my cranberry in the fridge to clear and there are now 2 layers. The top is clear and the bottom is not. Its about half and half. It was like that for a few days then I shook it up and withing a few hours it returned to the same spot. I really dont think its just that some of it hasnt cleared. I think its seperating out. It stays in the exact same spot for days. What could be causing this?
Im 99 percent sure thats not what it is though. I marked it with a peice of tape and its now an inch higher then it was a couple days ago.
Give it a few more days before you come to any conclusions, I am with yoop on this one, it is probably just clearing top>bottom. But to your arguement, I don't know how there could possibly be two distinct liquid viscosities existing in your brew, so there shouldn't really be anyways for it to separate out into two layers.
If you're 99% sure that it's not the yeast settling out of suspension, then what is it? Post a picture, and I'm sure you'll get a chorus of 'it looks like yeast settling out of suspension'. Alcohol doesn't separate out of water, so if you're thinking it's something like that, it's not.
I tried to get my camera to capture it but failed. Now the bottom layer is clearer but there are still 2 distinct layers. Also the bottom layer is still rising higher in height in the carboy
What kind of cranberry did you use? Was it whole/mashed up fruit, or was it juice? It's possible it could be fruit bits slowly rising to the top. Post your picture anyways.