Cornelius Ball Lock and Pin Lock Posts: Same Thread?

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Clint Yeastwood

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Dec 19, 2022
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I ended up with some pin lock kegs accidentally. Three are Firestone or something similar, with the same threads on all, and the fourth is a Cornelius.

I found conversion posts for the Firestony kegs cheap on Ebay, but conversion posts for Cornelius kegs cost more because of shipping.

I have read that I can buy plain old Cornelius ball lock posts and put them on the Cornelius pin lock keg because the threads are the same.

Be sure you understand what I'm asking.

Are CORNELIUS pin lock and CORNELIUS ball lock posts interchangeable. Wikipedia claims they all use 19/32-18 threads.
Coca-Cola uses pin locks so a restaurant can only serve their products. That's where they come from.
That's not what I'm asking about. I'm asking if you can remove a pin lock post from a Cornelius-brand keg and put a ball lock post from another Cornelius-brand keg on it.
Cornelius was a company that made kegs, and my keg has "Cornelius" stamped on it. I am not asking about the difference between ball locks and pin locks. I know that.
Thanks, Broken Crow. It confirms what Wikipedia says. Same size thread. I'm ordering a set. We'll see what happens. If I pull this off, I got 4 kegs for under a hundred bucks, which is a great deal these days.
Looks like I have two Firestones and an Alloy Products. I checked, and all the posts interchange, so conversion posts for Firestone will work.

I can see why Cornelius would use the same threads on pin locks and ball locks. There is no reason not to.