Keg identification and sealing problems

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Mar 17, 2015
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Rockford, IL
I own two kegs, an actual Cornelius and a Challenger VI. At the time I bought them, I thought "Corny keg" was it and no other differences. At some point, I decided to replace all the o-rings, including the poppet o-rings and poppets themselves. Well, the liquid post on the Cornelius keg hasn't worked real consistently since, getting stuck in the depressed position when the liquid QD is removed and spraying liquid all over. I bought actual Cornelius poppets for both kegs. I now know that's not going to work on the Challenger VI, but is this even a Corny post on my Corny keg? The bottom hex is shorter than what shows on KegOutlet's website;


I've verified correct threads for both respective kegs. Corny is 19/32-18 for both posts. Challenger VI has 9/16-18 for gas and 5/8-18 for liquid.

Second issue is, is this how the poppets are supposed to fit on top of the dip tubes? Just balancing on top like that? They're almost impossible to get in place on the first try. Of course, I didn't bother to keep the old parts to check, measure, or reinstall.
poppet fit.jpg
I'm tempted to purchase two new complete sets of posts and call it a day. What am I missing here? Do things look right?


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i have one pin lock keg if i don't put the post with the keg upside down it will not seat properly. with pinlock there is a variety of poppets along with post design over the years of service.

you could give a universal poppet a try they tend to have a longer spring but still depends if there oring will seat in the post.
I dunno if it makes a difference, but the poppet in your pic, while a genuine Cornelius, isn't the same as a Challenger VI:
I've had the same off-center when removing a disconnect happen too, but only when I use non CM Becker disconnects (which is why I chose to use only genuine CMB's.... I suspect the pin in the cheapies has some side to side wobble, but I've never verified it as simply switching to genuine CMB's solved it for me.)
it was a big hassle when I restored a bunch of pinlock kegs from scrap yard. started taking them apart and noticed this poppet looks drastically different than the other ones. by then i had a pile of parts.

I have not tried every post with the universal poppet, but vaguely remember there are slightly shorter posts and would not work in those unless you cut the spring down which I did not want to attempt and try to create a flat bottom to the spring.
Your memory is excellent at least wrt the "christmas tree" universal poppet springs needing a couple of loops nicked off for short post use. Fortunately I don't think the fat end is all that critical as far as "flatness" as there is enough compliance at that end to take up an angle...

is this even a Corny post on my Corny keg? The bottom hex is shorter than what shows on KegOutlet's website
I think that is in fact a genuine OEM corny keg post. The ones on KegOutlet's website are universal posts, which are not, in fact, universal. They would likely bottom out on your keg before compressing the dip tube o-ring enough to seal. Ask me how I know.