Chilling Wort Accident

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BigFat Brewer

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Jul 6, 2020
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Recently I made the mistake of pouring my hot wort into my glass carboy (fermentor) instead of first cooling it. I normally always cool my wort by putting it in my sink with ice and adding cold tap water around the edges of the pot but I completely blanked-out and poured it directly into my glass carboy. I had added 2 gallons of ice cold water that I had in the freezer to my glass carboy prior to pouring the hot wort into it. Will this cause any issues with my beer?
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Nope, no real issues with the beer itself, as long as that wort wasn't too hot (>120F) when you pitched the yeast and thus killed it.

You were lucky the carboy held up and didn't crack from the severe temp differences when pouring nearly boiling hot wort into the ice cold water. You should respect glass, temp shock and mechanical shock being the major cause of integrity failure. You could hurt yourself badly, especially when holding or handling such a large glass vessel when it unexpectedly cracks, bursts, breaks, creating large, razor sharp shards...

Keep the fermentation on the lower side of your yeast's range and you'll make great beer.
Omit a secondary, leave it where it is until ready to bottle/keg.

Next time, please chill first.
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