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  1. B

    Chilling Wort Accident

    Hello, Recently I made the mistake of pouring my hot wort into my glass carboy (fermentor) instead of first cooling it. I normally always cool my wort by putting it in my sink with ice and adding cold tap water around the edges of the pot but I completely blanked-out and poured it directly into...
  2. F

    Adding water after the boil

    Hi all, Fairly new to brewing, I've done four or five kits and recently started to experiment with other peoples recipes posted online. I've struggled a bit with the wording for this question so I hope it makes sense - if not please ask for any parts you want clarified. A lot of the recipes...
  3. snarf7

    Why sometimes small wort size?

    I've seen a couple recipes now that call for a much smaller wort size than the end product...for example a 2 gal wort for a standard 5 gal batch. Is there a reason for this? Does it change the end product somehow? Or is it more a practical thing (i.e. the biggest pot I have is 2.5 gal!)
  4. olie

    When scaling up, still boil half wort and add water?

    For 5, 6, 10 & 12 gallon batches, a typical recipe has us boiling approximately half the finished quantity, then adding (pre-boiled & cooled to sterilize) water to the desired finished qty/OG. Ex: 5 gallon batch: boil 3 gallons of wort, end-up with ~2.5 gallons, add water to 5 gallons and/or...
  5. Bubbles2

    Question about Mash times, boil, alpha and beta amylase?

    Thanks for looking in.... I have been reading and cannot seem to find the answer in regards to the enzyme break down. Quote from BeerSmith's page: A low step temperature (146-150F/63-66 C) emphasizing beta amylase will therefore result in a more complete conversion to simple sugars, but will...