Cheap Stainless Conicals

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I am still toying around with some food grade plastic conical containers that can be modified. 15 gallons for $150.
Dang nabbit, I just managed to squirrel away $200 and now you tempt with this? Curses! Must...resist....
I got one from AHB for $299 +$20 shipping last month, should have held off.
I got one of these. Looks to be pretty well made. Hope to use it next weekend when I brew next.

Heres a crappy pic of mine

Grimsawyer said:
How much does it cost to build your own?
YuriRage built his own but then again he can TIG weld........quite well from the beads I've seen. Go to Toledo Metal Spinning they have SS hoppers and lids and even say they'll custom weld whatever you want like a ferrule or legs. The ferrule might be nice so you could go weldless fittings. The hoppers are high $ but still reasonably compared to a Fermenator or equivalent. If you can TIG or know someone who can it would be an awesome project. Check out Yuri's conical build or PM him to ask about what it cost him to build his fermenter.