Looking for a stackable fermenter suggestion

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Boozey Boy

Dec 5, 2022
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Conroe, TX
I currently have a tall subway-style TRUE cooler (like the soda bottle storage fridges) used as a fermentation chamber for a 15 gallon stout tank branded fermenter. I got the fermenter super cheap from a neighbor, but i've realized I never really brew more than 5 gallons. I am contemplating selling it and getting 2 - 7 gal fermenters, but wondering if there are any good conicals that could stack inside the cooler? I could also build a wooden shelf half way up, but curious if there is anything like that at the home brew level. (Fridge dimensions inside are 24x24x60.
Ss Brewtech Brewbuckets are stackable and are 26"ish inches tall.

I have a similar type of fridge and when both are stacked and full, it does put a lot of weight on the four legs of the bottom one so I've thrown in a piece of plywood to distribute the weight more evenly across the floor of the fridge.