Candy Sugar Techniques

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Mar 27, 2011
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I brewed a Belgian golden strong ale, today, and got a 1.080 og. Not bad. Even better, I've got two pounds of candy sugar that I plan to add once fermentation is fully underway.
My question: how do you guys do a secondary candy sugar? I'm assuming boil and cool? I didn't know if it was so easily dissolved that it could just be pitched - somehow ignoring the sanitation step.

If anyone comes back here looking for answers, I boiled my candi sugar in a solution to 1lb candi sugar to a one generous cup of water. I boiled for ten minutes, put the pan on ice for ten minutes then added it to my fermentation. Within 20 minutes, I had extreme bubbling.
I made my own candi sugar, froze it until I needed it, then broke it up and put it in secondary when I needed it. Fermented awesome.