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Nov 17, 2014
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Hi all,

I'm looking for some help with my system. I have a Brutus 15 and am struggling with getting a decent flame on the burners. The tallest flame I can get is about 3/4" and it will barely get a boil going in my kettle.

It has (3) LPCAST10-2 burners with optional CVO250 valves from Tejas Smokers. I'm running a Fisher R232A-BBF regulator (550,000 BTU/hr capacity) through a 1/2" hose into a 2" gas beam. Pretty typical stuff for a Brutus build from what I can tell. I've already drilled out the orifices to 0.090", I opened up one a little more and got an orange sooty flame.

Any ideas to get more of a flame/BTU's at the burners? Should I change the burner for my kettle to a high pressure system and run it off a separate tank? I need low pressure to run the Honeywell valves, so I can't just switch everything over. What am I missing?