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  1. L

    New Member, also longtime lurker

    I’ve come across this forum several times while googling questions about brewing and thought maybe it was time to join. I live in South Carolina and started brewing during the pandemic with some guys in the neighborhood. We got an anvil 10.5 and some big mouth bubblers and an Inkbird with...
  2. 241

    For Sale Gas HERMS HLT, Blichmann Stuff, Pump

    Hello, up for sale are several items that I have kept as my spare brewing setup. I am re-configuring some things, paying off repiping my house and am limited on space so I need to get these things out of my garage. Everything was stored cleanly, covered in my garage when not in use and owned by...
  3. B

    For Sale All Grain Brewing Equipment For Sale-$225: Long Beach CA

    Ready to start or expand your home brew setup? I recently moved to a condo and am downsizing to brew 1 gallon batches. All Equipment is in good shape and includes: 10 gallon stainless steel kettle, copper wort chiller, burner, cooler, brew bucket, stainless steel measuring cup, 12 & 22oz...
  4. J

    $250 - All Grain - Mash Tun, HLT, Kettle, Burner

    Simple setup to almost get started with all grain. 20 gallon Gatorade mash tun with braided stainless screen, 20 gallon HLT, 20 gallon kettle with hop screen attachment. Basic single burner and am including propane shell if wanted and a large deep fryer basket. $250 obo. Located in Tampa, FL
  5. FoamFollower

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner Review

    The Blichmann Top Tier Burner commands a premium price, which may put a lot of people off. When you can get a burner for $29.99 that does an adequate job of heating wort, why pay five times that amount for equipment that does essentially the same thing? I too was skeptical at first, and started...
  6. S

    Single Natural Gas burner stand

    It's not pretty but I'm happy with it so far after a trial run. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the many,many threads on this topic. I have natural gas piped outside, and was tired of using up propane tanks. Based on reading quite a few threads here, I picked up a 23 jet natural gas...
  7. J

    Ohio 10 Gallon MegaPot Kettle & Blichmann Hellfire Burner w/ Leg Extensions

    10 gallon MegaPot w/ bottom outlet valve, thermometer, and tangential inlet for whirlpooling. —— $100 + Shipping/ Paypal fees. Blichmann Hellfire burner w/ 24" stainless leg extensions (Stock short legs are not included.) —— $125 + Shipping/ Paypal fees
  8. B

    Miscellaneous Equipment (8 gallon kettle, propane burner, immersion chiller, carboys)

    I'm clearing out some of my old brew equipment and have some miscellaneous items for sale. (3) 5 gallon Glass Carboy ($25 each) (1) 3 gallon Glass Carboy ($20) 25' Copper Immersion Chiller ($50) 8 Gallon Heavy Duty Tri-Clad Brew Kettle w/ Welded Ball Valve & Port ($100) Camp Chef single propane...
  9. K

    100% DIY Natural Gas Burner Assembly

    I decided to tackle making a natural gas burner assembly for my small 5 gal brew setup. I couldn't find any video's of truly home made ones so I thought I'd make my own. Could use some tweaking but I'm happy with the results.
  10. F

    Brutus/Propane Burner Question

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with my system. I have a Brutus 15 and am struggling with getting a decent flame on the burners. The tallest flame I can get is about 3/4" and it will barely get a boil going in my kettle. It has (3) LPCAST10-2 burners with optional CVO250 valves from...
  11. M

    Selling All-Grain Setup - $780

    Check out my listings on Craigslist for all-grain setup. Just too large for me brewing by myself, and I'm brewing less often these days. Looking to place in a "happy home." ;-)) In Maryland suburbs of DC. Not interested in shipping at this time. Selling two outstanding Edelmetall burners...
  12. M

    Colorado All Grain Setup

    Used this setup for a 5 gallon brew in a bag system. Add a hot liquor tank and mash tun and you've got a ten gallon all-grain system no problemo. Everything in working order and well maintained. Located in Fort Collins. Included in this package: 15 gallon 304 stainless steel brew pot with...
  13. MaxStout

    Minnesota Propane burner, glass carboys, O2 regulator, stainless mesh dry hop tubes

    [Deleted by author]
  14. M

    New Jersey NEW - Blichmann Hellfire floor burner

    Bought less than a month ago. Brand new! Still in box, unopened. $149.00, obo Decided to go EBIAB, so wont be using this Its still within return period, but return shipping to California is too much Can throw in a new 6.5 g glass carboy, and a case of 22 ounce bottles to sweeten the deal :)
  15. B

    North Carolina Blichmann Top Tier Brew Stand, 3 Top Tier Burner Shelves, 50# utility Shelf

    Selling off my brewing equipment. Time to move on and spend time on other things. Chapel Hill, NC ( Raleigh/Durham Area) Pickup Only. Breakdown, packaging, and shipping of this stuff would not be financially viable for any of us, so must be a local pickup. Sorry folks. Link to Gallery...
  16. N

    MA North Shore - 15 gal kettle with basket, bayou burner

    I just posted this on Craigslist in case anyone is interested: https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/for/d/brew-kettle-and-burner/6721165607.html Not living in the US anymore, so my priority is getting it to a good home. Not mentioned there, but will happily trade for fresh, juicy cans!
  17. N

    Blichmann Brewing Equipment for Sale

    Selling three 20 Gallon G1 Blichmann brew pots (plus one Blichmann 20 Gallon False Bottom) and 3-Blichmann burners along with a Blichmann Therminator wort chiller. None has been used except for one of the brew pots and one of the burners. I also have a Blichmann hop blocker and Blichmann...
  18. C

    Pennsylvania Moving Sale + Freebies. Antique Jockey Boxes, SS NEMA enclosure, burners, controls and more

    Hey All, Moving and lots has to go. Small antique Jockey box = $75 obo Large antique Jockey Box = $100 obo Large Stainless steel NEMA box enclosure = $100 obo Box of Love controls with probes = $50 Box of asco valves = $25 2x 23 burner, jet burners = $25 each 1x 23 jet burner with 1 jet broken...
  19. Washington_Brewologist

    Got a new burner (Bayou Classic) need some advice on boiling wort!

    Hello fellow brew nerds. I recently upgraded my propane burner from a Walmart turkey fryer(With a god awful cooking timer which required bypassing) to a Bayou Classic burner. With my last burner, I had to struggle just to keep the damn thing from shutting off during the boil and had no issue...
  20. akroessler

    Michigan For Sale: BRUTUS 10, 10-20gal brewery

    Hello brewers! I'm upgrading to electric and 20 gal kettles. So my trusty direct fire recirc Brutus 10 is now for sale. Has a full panel for everything you need for recirc and to keep temperatures on ALL 3 burners. Stand is 2" steel with a powdercoat very heavy duty(has easily 150+ brews on...