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  1. FoamFollower

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner Review

    The Blichmann Top Tier Burner commands a premium price, which may put a lot of people off. When you can get a burner for $29.99 that does an adequate job of heating wort, why pay five times that amount for equipment that does essentially the same thing? I too was skeptical at first, and started...
  2. S

    Single Natural Gas burner stand

    It's not pretty but I'm happy with it so far after a trial run. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the many,many threads on this topic. I have natural gas piped outside, and was tired of using up propane tanks. Based on reading quite a few threads here, I picked up a 23 jet natural gas...
  3. J

    Ohio 10 Gallon MegaPot Kettle & Blichmann Hellfire Burner w/ Leg Extensions

    10 gallon MegaPot w/ bottom outlet valve, thermometer, and tangential inlet for whirlpooling. —— $100 + Shipping/ Paypal fees. Blichmann Hellfire burner w/ 24" stainless leg extensions (Stock short legs are not included.) —— $125 + Shipping/ Paypal fees
  4. B

    Miscellaneous Equipment (8 gallon kettle, propane burner, immersion chiller, carboys)

    I'm clearing out some of my old brew equipment and have some miscellaneous items for sale. (3) 5 gallon Glass Carboy ($25 each) (1) 3 gallon Glass Carboy ($20) 25' Copper Immersion Chiller ($50) 8 Gallon Heavy Duty Tri-Clad Brew Kettle w/ Welded Ball Valve & Port ($100) Camp Chef single propane...
  5. K

    100% DIY Natural Gas Burner Assembly

    I decided to tackle making a natural gas burner assembly for my small 5 gal brew setup. I couldn't find any video's of truly home made ones so I thought I'd make my own. Could use some tweaking but I'm happy with the results.
  6. F

    Brutus/Propane Burner Question

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with my system. I have a Brutus 15 and am struggling with getting a decent flame on the burners. The tallest flame I can get is about 3/4" and it will barely get a boil going in my kettle. It has (3) LPCAST10-2 burners with optional CVO250 valves from...
  7. M

    Selling All-Grain Setup - $780

    Check out my listings on Craigslist for all-grain setup. Just too large for me brewing by myself, and I'm brewing less often these days. Looking to place in a "happy home." ;-)) In Maryland suburbs of DC. Not interested in shipping at this time. Selling two outstanding Edelmetall burners...
  8. M

    Colorado All Grain Setup

    Used this setup for a 5 gallon brew in a bag system. Add a hot liquor tank and mash tun and you've got a ten gallon all-grain system no problemo. Everything in working order and well maintained. Located in Fort Collins. Included in this package: 15 gallon 304 stainless steel brew pot with...
  9. M

    New Jersey NEW - Blichmann Hellfire floor burner

    Bought less than a month ago. Brand new! Still in box, unopened. $149.00, obo Decided to go EBIAB, so wont be using this Its still within return period, but return shipping to California is too much Can throw in a new 6.5 g glass carboy, and a case of 22 ounce bottles to sweeten the deal :)
  10. B

    North Carolina Blichmann Top Tier Brew Stand, 3 Top Tier Burner Shelves, 50# utility Shelf

    Selling off my brewing equipment. Time to move on and spend time on other things. Chapel Hill, NC ( Raleigh/Durham Area) Pickup Only. Breakdown, packaging, and shipping of this stuff would not be financially viable for any of us, so must be a local pickup. Sorry folks. Link to Gallery...
  11. N

    MA North Shore - 15 gal kettle with basket, bayou burner

    I just posted this on Craigslist in case anyone is interested: https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/for/d/brew-kettle-and-burner/6721165607.html Not living in the US anymore, so my priority is getting it to a good home. Not mentioned there, but will happily trade for fresh, juicy cans!
  12. N

    Blichmann Brewing Equipment for Sale

    Selling three 20 Gallon G1 Blichmann brew pots (plus one Blichmann 20 Gallon False Bottom) and 3-Blichmann burners along with a Blichmann Therminator wort chiller. None has been used except for one of the brew pots and one of the burners. I also have a Blichmann hop blocker and Blichmann...
  13. C

    Pennsylvania Moving Sale + Freebies. Antique Jockey Boxes, SS NEMA enclosure, burners, controls and more

    Hey All, Moving and lots has to go. Small antique Jockey box = $75 obo Large antique Jockey Box = $100 obo Large Stainless steel NEMA box enclosure = $100 obo Box of Love controls with probes = $50 Box of asco valves = $25 2x 23 burner, jet burners = $25 each 1x 23 jet burner with 1 jet broken...
  14. Washington_Brewologist

    Got a new burner (Bayou Classic) need some advice on boiling wort!

    Hello fellow brew nerds. I recently upgraded my propane burner from a Walmart turkey fryer(With a god awful cooking timer which required bypassing) to a Bayou Classic burner. With my last burner, I had to struggle just to keep the damn thing from shutting off during the boil and had no issue...
  15. akroessler

    Michigan For Sale: BRUTUS 10, 10-20gal brewery

    Hello brewers! I'm upgrading to electric and 20 gal kettles. So my trusty direct fire recirc Brutus 10 is now for sale. Has a full panel for everything you need for recirc and to keep temperatures on ALL 3 burners. Stand is 2" steel with a powdercoat very heavy duty(has easily 150+ brews on...
  16. A

    California Complete Homebrewing Equipment Set

    HI! I have a complete home brew set that I am selling. The price is set at 2,500$. Well work out a deal to part it out if necessary. This has only been used once!!! Been busy and haven't had time to brew, so I need to give it to someone that will brew more then I have. Put this equipment to use...
  17. b13bs

    Brew pot larger than burner

    I am upgrading my equipment from extract to 5 gal all-grain. I will use a propane burner but I wonder if a specific kettle is too big for it. My propane burner is Martin R65 and is 16" diameter. The kettle that I'm looking to buy has a outer diameter of 17.7". So, my kettle would be larger...
  18. A

    Two Burners or Three- Building a Stand

    Hey Gang, My girlfriend and I are new to brewing and just invested in a SS Brewtech 10 Gallon All-Grain System. We haven't brewed before and are jumping right in. Im planning out my stand and I have seen many stands use the Bajou Classic 10", but some guys use three burners and some use two...
  19. jbenguinn

    Texas Downsized & Now Home Brew Equipment Must Go

    Hi y'all, We've moved back into an apartment, and I have to give up brewing for a while. I've got a bunch of equipment I need to part ways with. It's priced to sell so we can get rid of it. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eyIPyvhw7borFgaZ2 Keggle: $60 15G aluminum kettle: $40 5G...