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  1. weshammers

    Boiling Pot

    Good morning/evening everyone! Silly question for you.. I am in the process of starting to brew. Have yet to even buy the supplies, however, I have been doing my research and I can't decide on a boiling pot to purchase. Aluminum or stainless steel? My end-goal is to essentially do all-grain...
  2. N

    Boil time reduction : the science please

    Anyone have links to scientific papers or pro brew books to show evidence that short boil times create beer stability similar to 60/90 boils?? Older Pro brewing book are full of the chemistry behind 90/60 boils for reducing wort to increase shelf life. Background.. I'm still brewing clear...
  3. ZombieMedic4811

    1st time brewer, how bad did i F*** up

    Hey guys, Last night i brewed my first batch of beer using the "Brew, Share, Enjoy" kit from the Northern Brewer. I made the block party amber and followed all the directions meticulously. After the boil was finished and cooled i added 1 gallon of cool water to the sanitized fermenter then...
  4. gallons-walters

    For Sale Downsized to new system - Electric 20 gallon HERMS systems available

    We moved and downsized, so I no longer have a dedicated brewing room. While still brewing, went the route of a little more portable all-in-one system. Thus, the following system is for sale. Electric HERMS system with 20 gallon Bru Gear pots with TC-clamps / connections and site guides on the...
  5. D

    First Cider Brew - Water Question

    How important is it to boil all the water that will be used to make my first Apple Cherry Cider? The instructions say to boil 1 gallon of water and dissolve 2 lb of dextrose, add to fermenter once it is cooled then top up to 6 gallons. Should the top up water be boiled also? I'm using RO...
  6. K

    Mash Efficiency Correlation to Boil Off

    Hey All, Had a weird occurrence happen last weekend, and I'm curious what might be the cause... We brew all grain with 3 kettles (HLT, Mash, Boil). We had what I believe was a really efficient mash. Everything hit at all the right moments, and things felt good. Then the boil hit, and we...
  7. HemanBrew

    Dry Malt Extract - > hot water ?

    Hi. I'm making wort by steeping some Malt and using dry Malt extract. After steeping, can I just add boiled hot water and add the dry Malt Extract. Or is there a reason I need to add cold water before extract and then turn the heat up? Let me ask this way: Does dry Malt Extract have to be...
  8. spark

    Software and boil, Ibu question. 2.5 gallon batches

    First of all, hello! I brew 2.5 gal batches. Have always steeped speciality grains in 2-3 quarts as it was suggested to keep ph down and reduce tannins. Ok - then I add that thin wort to boil pot making total of 1.25 gal water for my boil. Then add 8 oz dme to add some sugars for the hops...
  9. F

    Brutus/Propane Burner Question

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with my system. I have a Brutus 15 and am struggling with getting a decent flame on the burners. The tallest flame I can get is about 3/4" and it will barely get a boil going in my kettle. It has (3) LPCAST10-2 burners with optional CVO250 valves from...
  10. L

    Bad yeast

    I brewed a batch of hefeweizen 2 days ago. I used Wyeast 3068 with the smack pack inside. I popped the pouch inside and let it sit at about 72 or so degrees for about 5 hours before I pitched it. The package said to let it sit for at least 3 hours at that temp to where I should start to see it...
  11. V

    Boil Size

    So I have heard that full boils produce a better flavor for extract brews so I would like to give it a shot. As of right now for extract brews I am simply boiling half and topping with cold water (saves an a** ton of time). I typically do 4 gallon batches and ferment in corny kegs. Can I do a 4...
  12. daviscountybeer

    Iowa 2x Bayou 10 Gallon Kettles - Electric

    I recently upgraded to Spike welded HLT and boil kettles so these are no longer needed. Both started as standard Bayou kettles and were drilled for the following weldless ports: HLT: - Bottom sight glass - 1/2" - Bottom pickup - 1/2" - 5500w ripple electric element - 1.5" - Lid notched for...
  13. B

    Fermaid K in beer

    For this batch I used Fermaid K in my beer. I added it 15 min prior to the end of the boil. I haven’t read about anyone doing this so I wanted to know if its at all beneficial or it could of messed something up?
  14. Washington_Brewologist

    Got a new burner (Bayou Classic) need some advice on boiling wort!

    Hello fellow brew nerds. I recently upgraded my propane burner from a Walmart turkey fryer(With a god awful cooking timer which required bypassing) to a Bayou Classic burner. With my last burner, I had to struggle just to keep the damn thing from shutting off during the boil and had no issue...
  15. MX1

    Colorado Last few items to sell

    My other thread was getting a bit confusing for me to keep up with..... here are the last few items for sale. eBoil kettle drilled for element w/ sight glass and thermo well - (element not included) $250 plus actual shipping Poly Chugger pump with 2 piece ball valve $75 plus actual shipping...
  16. T

    Forgot to take an OG reading...any hopes at reverse-calculating?

    I brewed a beer last night, and in the haste of trying to finish up and get everything cleaned before it got too late I forgot to take an OG reading. However, I did take gravity readings of first runnings from the mash and last runnings (stupidly not the mixed wort pre-boil). I had hoped to...
  17. W

    Wisconsin Electric 5500W eBIAB Pot

    I have a custom built eBIAB pot for sale that can be used for eBIAB or as part of a larger system. I paid about $450 for all the parts to build this pot; I'm selling for $200. For now, local pickup in the SE Wisconsin area. If I can't find anyone local, I will update the post with a shipping...
  18. beervoid

    Pre-boil gravity good, post boil not.

    Hey all im working with an Ace / Klarstein setup and im trying to dial in my efficiency. After some tweaking I finally hit my pre-boil gravity as predicted by beersmith (1.053) but after boiling for 60 minutes my gravity was only 1.062 instead of the aimed for 1.072 My efficiency is now about...
  19. olie

    Can hops/alpha-acid be made ahead of time?

    In a separate thread [Here], I explore whether or not a 1 hr wort-boil is really necessary. This question is related, but different. Part of every recipe seems to include * Add XYZ hops (A%) at the start * Add ABC hops (B%) after 20 min * add LMNOP hops (C%) for the final 20 minutes (or some...
  20. B

    Crazy Ventilation Question

    This may be a stupid question: if I am just doing a 60-minute boil in my basement using an electric element, do I need good ventilation? All I really have are small vents in the privacy glass that sits in the windows in the basement wall. If it is critical, does anyone have a cheap solution? I...