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  1. S

    PA: Never Been Used Sabco Brew Magic 2X

    For sale, new – never-been-used Brew-Magic 2X (NG/115v) system. Bought for a pub that sadly never opened. Designed for Propane but also includes Natural Gas Conversion Kit, 3 new burners and a NG hose and regulator. $12,000 obo Includes: Brew-Magic 2X (NG/115v ) Chill Wizard system, 115V Two...
  2. ale_man

    Maryland $325 last call before parting out price Drop - 3 vessel propane system

    1 keggle, with PICO false bottom, 80 qt Concord kettle with sight glass, 100 qt Concord kettle, stand with 1 Bayou Classic Banjo Burner and 1 Bayou Clasic cast iron burner, 2 chugger pumps, stainless steel immersion chiller, 7 m/F disconnects, 1 counterflow chiller, 2 Sanke sixtels. Will...
  3. B

    Illinois Turnkey 15 Gallon Propane RIMS Blichmann Toptier Tower of Power System

    ASKING $1500 For Sale in Springfield, IL Not separating at this time, trying to sell as a turnkey system. I don’t have a truck so I can’t help deliver, but I can have it disassembled and ready to go for buyer. Can be used to make 5 or 10 gallon batches. Over $3500 invested in this at retail...
  4. TwoBeagles

    Connecticut Brew Magic by Sabco $3,500 (Stamford, CT)

    Gently Used Brew Magic brewing system from Sabco. Always brewed in an insulated garage, and won many homebrewing medals, including the coveted gold medal from the AHA’s National Homebrewers Competition. NG (natural gas) ready but can by converted to Propane (will included the parts). Brew...
  5. S

    Easy One Vessel All Grain Brewing System

    This is a system that I have been working on for a few months. For those that prefer it, here is a link to the video: This system is a modified BIAB system that allows me to brew all grain 10 gallon batches solo in...
  6. S

    Easy One Vessel All Grain Brewing System

    This is a system that I have been working on for a few months. For those that prefer it, here is a link to the video: This system is a modified BIAB system that allows me to brew all grain 10 gallon batches solo in...
  7. F

    Brutus/Propane Burner Question

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with my system. I have a Brutus 15 and am struggling with getting a decent flame on the burners. The tallest flame I can get is about 3/4" and it will barely get a boil going in my kettle. It has (3) LPCAST10-2 burners with optional CVO250 valves from...
  8. Chuck Crowell

    How many BTUs are you really getting

    Sharing this as I have not seen info on this before, however, I didn’t search too hard. Found out that temps play a part in your BTUs and hard to get much from the standard 20 lbs propane tanks. See attached photos of temp/BTU chart. Most of the stands I’ve seen are not factoring in this or...
  9. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Complete 15 gallon brewhouse, plus brewing and draught equipment

    Hi, selling off my entire rig! Here's what she has. Make me an offer on anything! Pictures at 1/2 BBL (15 gallon) brewery - $950 Features: - Custom build, welded frame - Inline March pump with temp gauge - Hot Liquor Tank...
  10. V

    Gas Stove Top

    So I have read a lot of posts about propane inside being a no-no but what about normal gas stove tops that use propane? Currently in my house thats what our stove top / oven uses and I do my smaller batches on that stove top. Am I in the running for a Darwinism award? Have a I killed one to many...
  11. M

    New Jersey NEW - Blichmann Hellfire floor burner

    Bought less than a month ago. Brand new! Still in box, unopened. $149.00, obo Decided to go EBIAB, so wont be using this Its still within return period, but return shipping to California is too much Can throw in a new 6.5 g glass carboy, and a case of 22 ounce bottles to sweeten the deal :)
  12. Mic Carp

    Propane Burner

    I don't know if any of you have tried this double burner, but it kicks A** 2 burners, 75,000btu EACH! Gets 3 gallons of tap water (partial boils, extract brewing) boiling in 10 mins. I am about to see how long it takes to get 7.5 gallons going this weekend. Its also nice and sturdy, a good...
  13. sparrow999

    Washington Blichmann Semi-automated 10 gal brewing system

    Selling a 3 burner propane HERMs system that makes great beer. It has a set-and-forget recirculation system to maintain mash temperature. False bottom in mash tun turns out crystal clear beer and screens in brew kettle minimize trub in final brew. Digital readout and gate valve make dialing...
  14. N

    Should I use/return this Concord babjo burner?

    Hey guys, I decided to switch to outdoor boiling so I bought a propane burner from Concord. There are three jets (I think that's what they're called) broken off and a small drill hole. I'm brewing in a few hours and I got my pots and buckets soaking right now but I won't get my propane until...
  15. B

    Is this a good pot to start going AG It's 60 qt, meaning I could use it for bigger beers. I'm planning on getting the SP10 propane burner as well.
  16. diatonic

    My Single-Tier Propane/Electric Hybrid Brew Rig

    Over the past month or so I've been working on plans for a new brew rig. For the past year or so I've been brewing on my Ghetto Fabulous Electric HERMS, but it is time for an upgrade. The design goals for this system are: Be able to heat the HLT with electricity *or* propane No...