Brew Rig - Gravity Fed Cooler Setup

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This brew rig all started with one of those Mr. Beer kits I got for my birthday. Reading more and more about homebrewing and once being bit by the homebrew bug, my space demands did grow with my equipment accumulated.
Long story short, my wife kicked me out of our kitchen and demanded back the closet in guest room where I stored my HB equipment.
Well, so took some wood and screws I had sitting in our garage and hammered together this gravity fed brew rig, which I can lower down for the brewing day and move back up after to park my car.
A metal U-shaped bracket (it was a stand for those fancy wine bottle openers we never used) is clamped to the horizontal beams in my garage and then connects the 2x3 with a hinge.
Once flipped down I use a push/pull clamp on the bottom of the brew rig to keep the whole thing in place.
Coolers and pot are strapped with lashing and ratchet straps.
I was worried about the stability at first, but it proved to be very sturdy.
Boiling Equipment: 7 Gallon Stainless steel pot with soldered in 1/2" couplings for pickup tube with diy bazooka screen and whirlpool tube. Non weld thermoprobe in lid to connect to digital thermo.rn-Bayou Classic sp10 propane cooker.
Beer Bottling Gear: Kegging
Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Food grade pale for primary with thermoprobe for sou vide controller-Corney keg for secondary fermentation
Wort Chillers: Diy counterflow with refrigeration copper tubing on the inside and vinyl as outside tube
Plumbing, Pumps and Hardware: SS Chugger for whirlpool and coolingrn-Some Harbor Freight submersible pump for coolingrn-Ball valves on boil kettle, coolers and pumprn-1/2 silicone tubingrn-1/2 Camlock fittings: Thermoprobes in lid of coolers for digital thermometersrn-DIY fly sparge silicone tube
Measuring, Testing,& Stirring Devices: Refractometerrn-Some Homedepot paint stirrer for dough in
Cleansers and Sanitizers: The usual, Star San and PBW