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    For Sale Electric Herms Setup - Medford Oregon

    Are you ready to take your home brew to the next level? Here is a 10 gallon electric homebrew system, rolling rack, grainmill, pumps, 2 chillers, water purification. just a lot of stuff... including fermentation tank used to control temp for lagers, pills, ales etc. Cold crash like no other. ...
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    Brew Rig - AJ Ruby's 3 vessel 3 tier System with Control Panel

    I just upgraded my brew rig from an electric 5 gallon batch rig (had 10 gallon kettles and a 10 gallon orange Home Depot cooler as a mashtun) to this electric 10 gallon batch rig. I learned a lot from brewing on my 5 gallon rig and added the "I wish I had" to these custom 20 gallon Spike Brewing...
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    Brew Rig - One Ton Bull Brewing

    Ten-gallon gravity three tier system. Everything in the system was designed to keep brew day easy and clean-up as simple and easy as possible, ie: Batch sparge Gravity fed (no pumps or other equipment to clean) Immersion chiller (no plates or CFC to clean) 2 tap keg fridge with room for 2...
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    Brew Rig - MEz and YOUz Brewing

    Brew rig for 13 gallon Batches. It has a Rims Mash and Hot Liquor Tank, and a Gas based boil kettle. MEz and YOUz Brewing Boiling Equipment: Propane Boil Beer Bottling Gear: Keg Wort Chillers: Therminator
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    Brew Rig - Gravity Fed Cooler Setup

    This brew rig all started with one of those Mr. Beer kits I got for my birthday. Reading more and more about homebrewing and once being bit by the homebrew bug, my space demands did grow with my equipment accumulated. Long story short, my wife kicked me out of our kitchen and demanded back the...
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    Brew Rig - Scrapper Freebie System

    This brew rig was made from old components and scrap materials.the kettle and later started as one tank. It was a 200l 20ga. wine tank that had a large Crack in the seam. I cut it in half. Made a bottom for the top half and welded it in. Installed a total discharge on the side at the bottom...
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    Brew Rig - Pallet Based 3 Tier

    Brew rig based on a gravity fed system. It uses 2 mash tuns and two HLTs plus a kettle. It's gravity fed and built out of wood. But I gust bought a Ruby Street system with 4-50 gallon kettles and all of the bells and whistles!! Can't wait!!
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    Brew Rig - Brew Mobile

    Hand-built, wooden brew sculpture on locking casters. Most thought was given to function. I wanted a setup that was gravity fed, portable, and sturdy. It has cut 2-3 hours out of my brewday and much less lifting of heavy and hot objects. It is also nice that everything I need on a brewday is on...
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    Brew Rig - Brassere L'Trange

    See the thread for more information and pictures. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=412029 Boiling Equipment:30 Gallon Boilermaker Beer Bottling Gear:Bottling gun Fermentation Vessels and Equipment:Better Bottles with temperature controlled freezer Wort Chillers:Therminator with old...
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    Brew Rig - Double D Brewing

    My first brew rig and stand build. Wood frame and trim with stained concrete tops, I still need to finish out the plumbing and herms coil. Boiling Equipment: 10 gallon Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: 6.5 gallon glass carboy Wort Chillers: 50' stainless coil
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    Brew Rig - Allegheny Brew Worx

    Switched to indoor electric brewing about 2 yrs ago. Mainly because PA winters suck! Boiling Equipment: 20 Gallon Electric Boil Kettle, 15 gallon Electric HLT, 5 and 10 Gallon Igloo Mash Tuns Beer Bottling Gear: Kegs Only! Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Typical buckets and carboys, mini...