Blue in kreusen ring

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Jun 18, 2021
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I brewed a 10 gal all grain German lager. Split it into two 7gal BrewBuckets and lagered at 53 deg until done - approx 12 days. White Labs P838. One fermentation had classic tan yeast ring, on had same but with blue in it as well. Both tasted fine before legging. Is this from some wild yeast?
Admittedly, I’ve never fermented in an SS conical. I bought two SS Brewtech then sold them having never used them. I’m curious, however and am watching this thread.
Yeah that's either some manufacturing residue that you didn't scrub out before use or some new exotic fungal thing, in which case you're fooked.

I'd give that fermenter a good scrubbing with a cellulose sponge and plenty of barkeeper's friend, followed by an equally vigorous scrubdown with water and rinse twice to make sure it's really clean.

Your beer will probably be fine, though I wouldn't be surprised if you detect a bit of a metallic off flavor. Cheers!
I wonder if those brew buckets weren't passivated. If so, that's a bit more involved.
Or simply not cleaned enough before use.

Similar to @Jayjay1976, I'd use a non-scratching nylon scrub pad and BKF (powder). Use a Scotch Brite pad, although I prefer the ones I get from the Dollar Tree 10/$1. They have just enough tooth, and I stick them, folded over, on the bristles of a hand brush from the same source, to give me a handle, something to hold onto.

Then let the damp BKF residue sit on the surface for at least an hour, then re-scrub and rinse off.