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  1. CWoodard

    Potassium Sorbate argument re-visited

    This is about stuck fermentation in a cider; yes there are other threads about dealing with preservatives like potassium sorbate (k-sorb). Problem: Very slow / stuck fermentation Brew: 5 gallons of Nature's Nectar Apple Cider (with potassium sorbate, but the raw cider "requires...
  2. I

    Had fermenter lid open for hours before adding yeast

    Hi, I added in my wort and topped it to 25l (I had to add ice cubes and wrap a wet towel around the fermenter to cool it down before adding the yeast) I had the lid open for about 5 hours as I let it cool down before adding the yeast at the correct temperature. Is this okay to do? Will it...
  3. B

    Pressure Ferment vs Typical Cold Fermentations for Lagers

    Hello, If you have the capability to pressure ferment, would there ever be a reason to do a standard lager with dropping the temp down and doing a typical lager fermentation? Seems like pressure fermenting can be done ALOT quicker and without the hassle of worrying about keeping the beer cold...
  4. W

    Tricks for reading cider fermentation without hydrometer

    hey all! I am rather new to this. I just started making cider and it began fermenting about september 26. I do not have a hydrometer. I am wondering if anyone has any tricks to tell if the cider is done primary?
  5. Fermentis

    Ready for your next Homebrew Competition? 🍻🏆

    Hello everyone! If you're an homebrewer, you have probably participated once to a homebrew competition or you're currently thinking to do it, it's a good way for our community to collect feedbacks about our last brews and to have an impartial judgement. But do you really know how your beers are...
  6. NathanYearout

    Slow or stuck fermentation?

    Hello, this is my first time going for a pilsner and I've never done a cool fermentation before in a fridge. Chose a popular Urquell clone on Brewfather and made the wort like usual and nearly everything went according to plan, it took a a while to chill the wort but nothing major. Hit...
  7. Fermentis

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    Hello homebrewers! What is your next brew on the line? If you want to experiment with our SafAle™ BE-256 yeast strain we have a good deal for you! This week only (February 21st to February 27th), our friends from Northern Brewer are offering 25% discount on SafAle™ BE-256 11.5grs sachets. An...
  8. M

    Fermenting Under pressure to finish off faster?

    Hi all, My beer has been fermenting for 1 week. No more blow-off tube activity "bubbles". OG was 1.050 and Just took gravity readings : 1.020 with the hydrometer. Next, it's a Saison yeast, so active at higher temp but it stays in a 22-23C environment, so it should be enough for it I believe...
  9. NathanYearout

    Didn't Know I Needed a Two-Stage Fermentation.

    Hello, as the title says. I was following a recipe from beersmith. I don't use beersmith typically and I'm new and neglected to click on the fermentation part. I didn't know I needed to transfer the batch to a new carboy to finish the fermentation, and also didn't see that it says "age 30 days."...
  10. Pmasur26

    Should I repitch? Pitched Yeast (Wyeast 1028) over 24 hours ago and there is no active fermentation.

    Hi All, First ever post here. I brewed a Winter Spiced Ale yesterday and used Wyeast 1028. It has been 24 hours and I have no signs of active fermentation. Should I repitch? A couple things to note: My OG was 1.080, and I pitched at about 74F, and have had it sitting at 67F since initial yeast...
  11. Fern0022

    Bulk brewing??

    I’ve been fine tuning several cider recipes in 1gal glass carboys (apple, blueberry, mango, apple pie, pineapple, peach, grape). Eventually I plan to scale the ones I like best up to 5gal buckets. My best results have all come from pitching strait apple primaries, then racking onto the...
  12. T

    Question regarding my Hefeweizen recipe. Kegged too early?

    Hi, I have a simple question regarding the method I followed to brew this hefeweizen. I brewed a simple 50/50 (pilsner malt/wheat malt) hefeweizen about a week ago, O.G. was 1.050, right where I wanted it. Fermentation took place in fridge with temperature control (thermometer on bucket) using...
  13. D

    Question about yeast activity

    Hello, good day. First timer here with brewing and in the forum. I'm making a hefeweizen beer which has been fermenting for 16 days. I'm fermenting 10 liters (2.5g) in a plastic 20l (5g) carboy. I know it's not the best, but it's what i had at hand. So far the beer looks fine and through the...
  14. M

    5 days without fermentation activity

    Hi, this is my first post and first hard apple cider attempt. 5 days ago I added my yeast to the apple cider (fresh pressed, added Camden tablet and waited 48h before adding the yeast). I left the carboy in my wine cellar at 55F and after 5 days see no activity. I assume it's the temperature...
  15. C

    Carbonation and Sweeter Cider?

    Are there any tips for beginner brewers on how to have a slightly sweeter than fully fermented cider with carbonation? I know it is said to be difficult, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips. I would prefer to not back sweeten in the glass if at all possible. I read a bit about Camden...
  16. Fern0022

    Cider Bottle Carb Issue

    I’m having issues with my cider bottles carbing. I used fresh grolsch flip top bottles and one plastic coke bottle (w/hot glue) to gauge the average pressure. After 10 days the coke bottle had not firmed up. I popped one of the glass bottles and it’s flat. It’s darn good and strong, but I prefer...
  17. Garrett_McT

    Lager Fermentation Gravity Reading Anomaly

    HBT Community, I have experienced a weird anomaly while monitoring the temperature of my lager fermentation. White Labs German Lager Yeast WLP830. I have been monitoring the wort/fermenting beer temperature periodically, while also continuously monitoring the ambient fridge temperature through...
  18. F

    Blue in kreusen ring

    I brewed a 10 gal all grain German lager. Split it into two 7gal BrewBuckets and lagered at 53 deg until done - approx 12 days. White Labs P838. One fermentation had classic tan yeast ring, on had same but with blue in it as well. Both tasted fine before legging. Is this from some wild yeast?
  19. J

    Oxygen control in fastferment conical

    Hello, I'm about to start a 5 gal batch of medium sweet mead in an 8 gal fastferment conical. I plan on using the collection ball to do the "racking" so the mead never leaves the conical until bottling. The aerating, degassing, and staggered nutrient additions look like they will be easy...
  20. C

    Fluctuating temperature during fermentation

    Hello. Question: Does a continuous fluctuation of +- 1 or 2 degrees (Fahrenheit) have a large impact on fermentation? Background: I live in a small apartment, so I don't have the room for a chest freezer to control the temperature. When I brew, I place my fermentation vessel (glass carboy)...