Beer gas cartridges?

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Nov 21, 2005
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So, been brewing almost 20 years now and have never done extract brewing. lol. I started right off with a 10 gallon, all grain, home built automated system. Recently have decided to start doing some 1 gallon extract batches for basic recipe testing and also for some variety. Not sure why it took me this long to start doing this.

Anyhow, purchased a mini keg system which takes the threaded CO2 cartridges. My question is... does anyone make actual beer gas (75/25) cartridges? I've search and all I see is CO2 or straight nitrogen.

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never seen beer gas carts that would be awesome for me .
as i only keg a small amount of stout at anyone time. enough to carb on co2 with a regular co2 tank then serve with little beer gas carts.

thye make refillable carts now so maybe you could mix it up yourself but that sounds too technical.

i serve nitro stout using pure ntiro carts in a juggling act with co2 gas its tough but doable it definatley works

see this thread to see how i serve portable nitro stout.