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Jan 12, 2008
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Austin, TX
Say that 5 times fast.

Apfelgranatapfelwein (apple-pomegranate wine). Started it this afternoon. Followed Ed's recipe using 4.5 gallons of apple juice (Tree Top on sale @ $3 gallon) and .5 gallon of 100% pomegranate juice (7 bucks!). It's a nice dark red-gold color. Wasn't able to take OG as I discovered when I made the batch below that I don't have anything to take a sample for the hydrometer and I forgot get a baster when I was out today getting ingredients.

I started 5 gallons of apfelwein on 12/29. Doing good. Has stopped bubbling for the most part and is starting to clear up. Will bottle on weekend of 1/26.

I want to do an apfelwein with brown sugar. Who's done that? How much did you use and how did it turn out? Anyone compared apfelwein made with dextrose vs. brown sugar? Differences?

This is fun!
This is fun! EdWort has got almost a cult following!
We've used varying amounts of brown sugar per batch and are waiting for them to be finished. I'll keep you posted...